You’re the Worst’s season 3 premiere continues to defy its title


When I first heard about FXX’s You’re the Worst, I was skeptical. On the surface, the show seemed overdone and I was uninterested before watching even one second of the show. After my girlfriend and I blew through all 23 episodes of the show in less than a week, I realized my first impression couldn’t’ve been more wrong. The show’s third season premiere continues to be no different—and that’s a good thing.

Gretchen and Jimmy are two people who swore they’d never be in love. They hate everything about relationships, yet somehow end up in one after meeting outside of Jimmy’s ex’s wedding reception. Many months later, the two continue loving to hate each other and the fact that they managed to become what they swore they’d never be: a man and a woman who have fallen hard for each other.

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